A Boston-based journalist-blogger Aram makes up his mind to visit Armenia on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in 2015 and to cover the organized events in his blog. In Armenia purely by accident he meets Anet, who lives in France and is one the regular readers of his blog, appearing under the nickname Vané. The beautiful story of love makes the heroes’ ties with the native soil even more profound. The love of Aram and Anet comes to symbolize appeal of the blood. The film balances on the cusp of documentary and feature genres. It was shot in Scripted Reality genre and appears to be a “new dawn” in Armenian film-making industry in terms of style and presentation. Starring: Andranik Babayan, Meri Mkrtchyan, Rozi Avetisova, Grigor Baghdasaryan, Ishkhan Gharibyan, Vardan Hovsepyan, Tehminé Khachatryan, Arpiné Israelyan, Arman Navasardyan and others. Script by Kariné Khodikyan Performing director: Vahé Yan Director of photography: Robert Kharasyan Composer: Andranik Berberyan Post Production Producer ՝ Vahan Hovhannisyan Producer: Lilit Martirosyan General producer: Karen Ghazaryan
Category: Movies
Published: 03.07.2021
Duration: 01:19:32
PEGI: 16+
Year: 2021
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