Content Partnership

HayVid is Armens largest video sharing website and is successfully serving more than 1.5 Million Page Views every day. Our strong community has helped us a lot in making HayVid, the No.1 website of Armenia. Now, its time for us to help the content owners and producers in promoting their content on the largest video portal of Armenia.
FAQs regarding the Partnership Program
Can I create a channel on HayVid
Every registered user on HayVid can create their own channel and upload video content. You can also customize it the way you prefer.
Can I upload my personal videos
You can upload your personal content on HayVid and set it as private. All the video content set as Private will be available to the user who uploaded it and to those with whom you shared the password.
Can I monetize my Content
If you are a Producer, Musician or a Content Owner you can create your channel on HayVid and earn through it. HayVid has setup its own revenue sharing program which will give you a complete overview of how much you are earning every day and when you will get paid.
Official Content Owner Badge
All your video content will have Official Contact Owner Badge on it and you will be titled as Official Content Partner.
Content Push
If anyone else upload content owned by you, all that content will be pushed to your account and all the views generated by that content will be added into your account and will affect your overall earnings.
Customized Channel
You can customize your channel the way you like. You can add Profile Photo, Channel Cover and Twitter account.